Plagiarism Free

The biggest number of requests that we get is “plagiarism free writing”. Therefore, questions are being asked by you like “Is it plagiarism free?” daily. And every time our customers are inquiring about the paper’s originality we are happy to ascertain you that non-plagiarized paper is a product, which you order and receive from us. This article will share our secrets of original written papers, our opinion about plagiarism and our reasons to agree that it should be eluded.

Writing an original paper

Types of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is considered to be one of the biggest issues of informational era: as the information becomes more accessible and surrounds us all the time we need to produce it more and more. However, sometimes people fail to create original pieces and borrowing, stealing or using other’s people works is called plagiarism. Here are several types of how a paper can be plagiarized.

  1. Strong plagiarism. It is a product of “copy and paste” work that has been often done by students. However, professors today restrict such an activity and never accept essay copied from the web or other student’s works.
  2. Partial plagiarism. This type of dishonesty happens when you do not copy the whole work of another person but decide to take a sentence or a paragraph from there. Though it seems to be not a great evil, professors penalize it severely.
  3. Plagiarism of ideas. There is some plagiarism that is not easy to catch and we call it “idea’s plagiarism”. It happens when a person, for instance, reads an interesting thought in the article and decides to use it as own by rewriting it in different words.
  4. Self-plagiarism. It might sound weird but sometimes we can even plagiarize ourselves. It deals with copying our old works into new ones, repeating their sections or paragraphs.

How Do We Avoid Plagiarism

Any type of plagiarism is dangerous for a student’s academic success and college life because the educational institutions apply really severe punishments for it. As we do realize the significance of plagiarism-free work for a student we are attaining this result with the help of the following means:

Writing per customer’s instructions

Most assignments that we get have creative and original instructions and following them enables us to create original pieces of writing with the lowest level of similarity.

Double checking the papers on plagiarism

To be sure that the paper is non-plagiarized, we check each of them twice before submitting to the customer. The system that we use for plagiarism check is a special software that has been developed by our IT department and allows us to disclose the similarity

Similarity rating through Turnitin

Our company uses of the Turnitin service that helps to compare the text not only with the web resources but also with all the previous works submitted through it earlier. This is an additional feature that you can select in the order form and know the rate of similarity in advance.

No pre-written papers

We never use the works that were written earlier or given to other customers. All the files with the completed papers are deleted from our database after a certain period of time in order to avoid any plagiarism cases.