How to write a persuasive essay

Writing persuasive essay is what you will definitely do in college. You can rarely find any major that would not include disciplines that require persuasive writing. In fact, this skill is crucial for any kind of business that one could do thus needs a lot of exercise during our studies. Here we will explain how to write a persuasive essay and use this skill in your daily life.

Persuasive writing, persuading a person

What is persuading?

Persuading can be defined as a skill that helps people to assure others in the validity of their ideas. It is used in various spheres like management, sales, education, business etc. People knowing how to persuade are usually more successful than others as the level of trust to them is much higher. If you want to develop this skill you have to exercise your persuading muscle. One of the methods is persuasive essay writing which helps not only to convince people but structure your thoughts in a proper way.

Persuasive Techniques for Effective Essay Writing

All the activities that people are doing have their own technologies in order to be successful. The same story is about persuasive writing. One is not able to achieve their goal if they are not using specific techniques developed by professionals and used over the centuries. Here are some of them for you to consider.

  1. Arguments and their support. Persuasive writing is, first of all, argumentative writing. One cannot convince others without the reasons for the idea to be true. If you state some point expect others to ask why you think it is valid. What is more, the arguments cannot exist without a support – certain proofs that will help you to assure the validity of the arguments.
  2. Examples. Do you want to persuade someone? Find the bright example of what you are talking about. It is hard to believe in things that are abstract. Therefore, if you are writing about a success you can use as an example a certain person that was famous for doing certain things and achieved their goal.
  3. Metaphors. Let your language be colorful. Usage of various linguistic means like metaphors, epithets and similes will let a person imagine them brighter.
  4. “People buy what they want not what you sell”. If you imagine that persuading is selling your own idea of something you should remember this statement. Your task is to find those aspects which are the most appealing to others. You might have a different view but need to understand what can attract this person.

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